A YouTube video, being a spin-off of “Mad Men,” shows over-exaggerated male competitiveness in the work place. See “Ad Guys” here.

In this short clip, two men work very well together. When an opportunity to be promoted opens up–and can only go to one of them–they must compete against each other for it. The catch comes when they find out the position is in the Yukon, where no one wants to go, so they begin to compete for who could be least qualified to be promoted.

Chapter 10 describes men in the workplace as “self-assertive,” and “are more self- and goal-centered,” and are “more likely to resort to organizational protocol,” (p. 286). This describes the two men who work together: they are very direct and assertive, they both (in the end) aim for the goal of not being sent to the Yukon, and they both keep notebooks to record/organize their ideas to work together.

Chapter 10 also says that “men leaders aspire to reach the top,” (p. 287) and both of the men want to be promoted. However, neither of them will sacrifice their geographical location for higher merit.

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