Let me just say that if I ever found someone who danced like David Lee Roth, they would be my next date to formal.

Watch Hot For Teacher music video (yes, circa 1984) here.

There is much I could comment on the music video aspect of this, but I wanted to comment on education and gendered learning in the classroom.

Chapter 9 says that “boys are more apt to capture their teacher’s attention,” (p. 230) even though “girls are more apt to want the teacher’s attention” (p. 231). It would appear, however, that in this world the boys desire their teacher’s attention, but do not seem to have completely captured it (except when “teacher needs to see me after school”). Instead, they just reinforce that they are “hot for teacher.”

Chapter 9 also states that “a boy who is ‘good’ or ‘well behaved’ is apt to have his masculinity questioned,” (p. 235). There doesn’t seem to be a large emphasis on masculinity, but we see a distinct difference between ‘well behaved’ and ‘rock star’ in this video. At the beginning, and throughout, we follow nerdy Waldo, who is “momma’s boy” and, for the most part, is quiet. We also have glimpses of David Lee Roth, Edward and Alex Van Halen, and Michael Anthony in the classroom dressed up as bad-boy rock stars. Clearly they are not ‘well behaved,’ but they are the ones who are “hot for teacher” and are inexplicably cool (in a 1984 sort of way). Their masculinity is not questioned. Though Waldo’s masculinity is never quite questioned, when looking at him compared to Van Halen, he certainly does not seem very masculine.

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